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Jan 31, 2023

The Middle East (Sonia)


10 Brookline St

Cambridge MA 02139

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Sonia is a brand-new, state-of-the art 350 capacity room to host live bands, DJ nights, and community events.

booking details
  • Aaron Gray //
  • Kerry Quirk //
  • Please send links to your music pages (soundcloud, bandcamp, iTunes, Reverberation,etc) as well as your playing history in Boston.
  • Please no CD submissions, they will be lost. No mp3 submissions or large files, please. No in-person inquiries, please. Email is best for most everyone on this page.

‍How do I open up for a band or artist? 

  • It's not easy. Most times opening slots are not available.
  • Local support is generally selected by the booking agent with the headliners approval.
  • Most artists need to start off doing smaller shows before they can be considered for an opening slot.

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