Find music venues that are a good fit for your vibe & tribe.

With our hand-curated database of 100-500 cap venues and profiles of the artists that played them, you'll spend less time googling and more time booking.
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not every space works for every kind of music

"Every venue has a vibe, and you have to figure out which kind of venues will provide the most enjoyable experience for you and your fans."
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Ari herstand
author, How To Make It in the New Music Business

connect the dots & play stages all over the u.s.

100% human curated

Hundreds of hours of research collecting the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Artist-linked venue profiles

save time by Focusing your efforts on places that have already booked musicians like you.

artist profile pages

Find other artists with a similar sound (or different with partial-commonality) to fill out your lineup or to pitch yourself as an opener.

Booking insights

One-click access to booking email and requirements for your target venue.

easy search & filtering

narrow your Search by genre, location, capacity and more to find the perfect stage for your performance.

level up your route

built for early-stage artists. learn the common tour routes your peers and role models took when they started to bubble.
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best music venues > chicago

finding your place in the chicago music scene

ready to play the windy city? add these fun, small cap venues and dive bars to your list of spots to pitch.

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how many venues and artists are in the database?

there are 183 artists and 238 venues spread across 97 us cities. i am continually adding more to the database. my goals is to build the most comprehensive and robust research tool for your tour planning needs.

what genres are in the database?

the following genres are currently in the database:
  • alternative rock
  • hip-hop/rap
  • indie pop
  • indie punk
  • indie rock
  • pollen
  • r&b/soul
  • singer/songwriter
i'm actively adding more as i discover new venues. if there is a genre you would like added feel free to shoot me an email

where do you get the booking details?

all of the booking details are publicly available through searching google and/or social media. our value is in saving you the time necessary to dig for that info yourself.

why is this so cheap?

at a time where it seems like every other day we are receiving a notification that some tool we use is increasing their pricing, i wanted to create something counter cultural to that. touring is hard and expensive, so here is at least one resource that is affordable for diy and indie musicians, managers and booking agents.