Keithian was born in Longview, Texas and raised in Louisiana, in an extremely creative environment.

His grandfather taught him the saxophone and he played in his family’s jazz band until he joined a boy group. The group signed a record deal, performed, and toured for several years while working on their debut album, but broke up before its release.

Keithian signed a solo deal with Virgin Records and started working on his debut album, but the label was shut down due to a merger. Frustrated with being caught up in the label system, he independently released his Power EP, toured, did residencies, served as a music director while writing & producing for other recording artist.

At the top of 2019, Keithian connected with producer / keyboardist Oliver Delcros- Sainville in a Rihanna session. The pair spent a week working on music for the Pop Goddess, but discovered a continued working over the past few years.

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Hotel Cafe (Main Stage)
The Hotel Cafe (Main Stage)
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