Jarv Dee

JARV DEE’s distinctive gift of melodic, smoked-out lyricism has already made him a household name in his native Seattle, where fans rap along word for word with the Moor Gang General. Jarv’s passport stamps are just putting miles on his rep and an international twist on his vibe. His BlakHouse EP is the beginning, the breakfast blunt, the wake-up alert for the Earth amongst a pandemic. Irrepressible energy, an unmistakable voice and OG-sticky hooks are his trademark—but it’s his down to earth, out-the-mud POV that gains him fans everywhere he touches down. Jarv Dee is a born striver and survivor, something that translates universally all around the world. As most are familiar with Jarv Dee for his heavy hitting, gritty rhymes, Jarv is paving a new lane for himself over these Bad Colours House inspired produced beats. That doesn’t mean he isn’t staying true to his artistry as songs like “Black Skin” and “Nothing Changed” are filled with thought provoking messaging.

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